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“Anxiety” by Nickelodeon & EYEYAH!

Have you ever found yourself bubbling over with a circus of thoughts, or always full of doubts? No fear – Nickelodeon is here! Dive in as we explore tips on how to switch off, chill out, and just play something called ‘Distraction Bingo’. 

This series of animations and activities is by Nickelodeon’s Together For Good and EYEYAH!  You can access the videos and activity sheets below.


Keep Calm & Relax


Switch Off


Don’t Hide… Go Outside!


No Fear!


Strange Things


Don’t Overthink


Negative Thoughts


Focus On One Thing At A Time


Activity sheets:

Losing Focus:

Stress Overload:

Bubbles of Resilience:

Chill with Gong:

Negative Thoughts:

Confidence in Myself:

Positive Anxiety:

Social Media:

Overcoming Fears with Fun:

Circus Of Strange Thoughts: